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Philadelphia Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Natural high ranking on Google for Philadelphia small business web sites

SEO is about ranking your web site high on the organic (non-paid) listings of the major search engines for your chosen keywords. Welcome to Aurum Web Design, a site development and search marketing firm with the knowledge, skills, and a proven process to consistently deliver a significant increase in traffic and a substantial ROI

While there is no guarantee that we will get your website ranked first on Google, Bing or Yahoo!, we know that our disciplined process will give your website the greatest chance of ranking high and generating the conversions and sales leads you need to grow.

Our Technique
What's our secret to high-ranking websites? It's not as mysterious as you might think. We design websites for people AND for search engines alike. We appropriately use the keywords chosen by our clients in the HTML code and in the content of web pages. We use them systematically in meta tags, header tags, in content, in image alt-text, within a link's anchor text, etc. We know not to waste valuable character space on needless words. We recognize that small, local customers need to optimize for not only their product or service, but also their geographic location. Look at our own website layout and the title of this page as "Philadelphia Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)". Also, if your company name is unique, we don't waste valuable meta title tag real estate with your company name. If a site is optimized well, we know brand name ranking will happen naturally.

Examples of our Success
You don't have to take our word for it. Feel free to contact us for references. These references from delighted customers may include:

A small, privately-held preschool and daycare in Central New Jersey contracted Aurum Web Design for a complete site re-design. Previously, they advertised in the online version of their local Yellow Pages, paying nearly $400 per month. After the launch of their new site and the cancellation of their unsuccessful advertising plan, the company saw an astounding increase in daycare application inquiries and have been receiving steady streams of resumes from qualified providers seeking employment. Their site ranks on the first page of Google for most of their desired keyword terms.

As the market prices for gold have increased, a Philadelphia cash for gold business, had Aurum Web Design build a new website for the sole purpose of building exposure and confidence to potential customers. The company now enjoys the number one positon for the keyword term "Philadelphia Gold Party" and this high ranking has paid tremendous dividends. A local television producer saw their listing, contacted them and featured them on a syndicated money management show. The episode, viewed by potential customers, enforces the confidence they saught for ther brand image AND has brought them sales leads from people who wanted to only do exchanges with the company featured on TV.

A global marketer of laser distance meters uses Aurum Web Design for all aspects of internet marketing, including web design, blog design, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), analyitics, SEO, e-mail marketing, Youtube video embedding, the works! Today, that company ranks on the first page for not only their brand name and product-ralated terms, but also industry-specific keyword terms. Type "Rubber Thickness Measurement" or "Road Profiling" and their website ranks first! These results allow them to compete in the global sensor marketplace against corporations hundreds of times larger.